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Renaud Gervais

Researcher, designer, technologist. I strive for a more positive impact of technology in our lives.

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Inner Garden

Inner garden is a project that was motivated by our desire to create a playful and mindful medium. Something that would be closer to a toy (open-ended, no rules) than a game and that would encourage people to take a moment to themselves.


Tobe: Tangible Out-of-Body Experience

Teegi was our first attempt at merging tangible avatars and physiological computing. However, it was limited to EEG signals. We wanted to go further than raw signals and give freedom to the users, inviting them to create and define their own tangible self-representations, to gain insights on thei...

Tangible Viewports

Don’t you feel trapped when working on a screen? On our desks, we often have two different workspaces: one for working digitally (screens) and one for working physically (sketches, post-its, prototypes). We think that this dichotomy is limiting.

CurSAR: Pointing in Spatial Augmented Reality from 2D Pointing Devices

CurSAR is a project investigating the use of 2D input devices to point at augmented physical objects. The main goal of the study was to compare the performance of a pointing task in a SAR and SCREEN condition. We created an experimental setup that allowed to have the same view of augmented object...


Teegi: Tangible EEG Interface

Teegi is a Tangible EEG (ElectroEncephaloGraphy) Interface. It uses a physical puppet on which your brain activity is displayed in real-time.