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Renaud Gervais

Researcher, designer, technologist. I strive for a more positive impact of technology in our lives.

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CurSAR is a project investigating the use of 2D input devices to point at augmented physical objects. The main goal of the study was to compare the performance of a pointing task in a SAR and SCREEN condition. We created an experimental setup that allowed to have the same view of augmented objects either physical (SAR) or virtual (SCREEN). Participants were 11% slower in the SAR condition. However, the transfer function of the mouse to the cursor, even without the physical presence of a screen as a reference system for the cursor, continued to the be effective.

  • Renaud Gervais, Jérémy Frey and Martin Hachet (2015). Pointing in spatial augmented reality from 2D pointing devices. In Human-Computer Interaction (INTERACT '15). pdf_link_image