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Renaud Gervais

Researcher, designer, technologist. I strive for a more positive impact of technology in our lives.

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Teegi was our first attempt at merging tangible avatars and physiological computing. However, it was limited to EEG signals. We wanted to go further than raw signals and give freedom to the users, inviting them to create and define their own tangible self-representations, to gain insights on their inner selves.

With Tobe, a toolkit to create Tangible Out-of-Body Experiences, we propose a toolkit that lets users explore their physiological states on their own. We cover the tangible avatar creation (through 3D printing), the physiological sensors creation (such as EDA, ECG and EEG leveraging open hardware solutions – Bitalino and OpenBCI boards), the signal processing pipeline (using OpenViBE) and the visual representations of the signals (using vvvv). We hope that this toolkit could eventually be used to foster a better understanding of our own selves, fostering introspection, and create empathy for others.

  • Renaud Gervais, Jérémy Frey, Alexis Gay, Fabien Lotte and Martin Hachet (2016). TOBE: Tangible Out-of-Body Experience. In Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI '16). pdf_link_image
    *Co-first authorship